Friday June 16th and Saturday June 17th

$10 per person
$5 on a motorcycle
Kids 12 & under free

Rider Registration:
$40 per class
Pre-Registration Friday
Pre-Registration Saturday

Race Day Schedule:
12:00pm – Gates Open
1:00-3:00pm – Sign-up
3:00pm – Rider’s Meeting
3:30pm – Practice
5:00pm – Heats

Race Day Information:

  • All riders must meet AMA Requirements    
  • Please see AMA Rule Book beginning at page 239 for all classes and requirements
  • All youth riders must wear a chest/back protector either over or under their jersey; the protector should cover the sternum, anterior ribs, posterior ribs, and spine from T1 to t12
  • Hooded sweatshirts pose a safety hazard and may not be worn to race
  • Large, high contrasting numbers (such as black and white) are recommended for all number plates; if scorers are unable to easily identify a rider number, the rider will not be scored in the event
  • Vintage bike classes only – no quads or modern bikes
  • Pro Card holders are not permitted to race
  • Hot Rod Singles Larry Weiss Memorial on Saturday
  • Free camping beginning Thursday night
  • Showers and bathrooms are available in the clubhouse
  • No pit bikes or bicycles permitted
  • Pit parking is reserved for haulers; only campers for those racing will be permitted in the pit area
  • Alcohol may not be consumed in the pit area during the races
  • Glass bottles are not permitted on the property
  • Children must be supervised at all times
  • Only track personnel is permitted on track during track preparation, intermission, and racing
  • Only parents and medical staff are allowed on track if a rider is injured


⦁ 1920s Vintage Class A

⦁ 1940s Vintage 750cc

⦁ 1960s Vintage 250cc

⦁ 1960s Vintage 750cc

⦁ 1970s Vintage 250cc

⦁ 1970s Vintage 360cc

⦁ 1970s Vintage 750cc

⦁ 1980s Vintage 250cc

⦁ 1980s Vintage 500cc

⦁ 1980s Vintage 750cc

⦁ 1990s Vintage 505cc

⦁ 1990s Vintage 1000cc

⦁ Hot Rod Vintage Singles

⦁ Hot Rod Vintage Multis

⦁ 50+ Vintage Open

⦁ 60+ Vintage Open

⦁ Harley’s Only

⦁ 500cc Two Valve

⦁ Hooligan

⦁ Modern 100-150cc Air Cooled Class (exhibition)