Sunday October 6th
Crazy Grouse Sprint Enduro
AMA District 4 Enduro Series

147 Hurlburt Road
Harpursville, NY 13787

AMA Sanctioned

Race Format:

All riders will ride one or more test loops each between 2 and 7 miles long and may consist of various terrain including woods, motocross, man-made obstacles, grass tracks, and other off-road terrain. The number of tests will be determined by promoter. Riders will be informed on the number of sections or tests that they must complete in a certain amount of time. Riders simply go from the pit area to a waiting zone and from there head to the start area to begin each test. Riders start on the top of every minute, with a maximum of 4 riders per minute. Once a section is completed it’s back to the waiting area. When the rider is ready to complete their next test they can do so at any time on the top of any minute that has a spot available. District 4 Sprint Enduros do NOT require a headlight or taillight.

Classes and times:

8:30am for 45 mins - Youth Race

⦁ Mini Bike A (60-150cc)

⦁ Mini Bike B (50cc)

10:00am with 2 hours to complete event

⦁ C light 1cc-250cc

⦁ C Heavy 251cc+

⦁ C Sup SR Open

⦁ C Senior Open

⦁ Masters Open

⦁ B Sup SR Open

⦁ Women Open

⦁ Schoolboy Open (12-16)

⦁ Sportsman (Open to any riders-A,B,C)

1:00pm with 3 hours to complete event

⦁ AA Open

⦁ A light 1cc-250cc

⦁ A Heavy 251cc+

⦁ A Senior Open

⦁ A Sup SR Open

⦁ B light 1cc-250cc

⦁ B Heavy 251cc+

⦁ B Senior Open

Class Structure

​⦁ AA Open

⦁ A light 1cc-250cc (ECEA A 250)

⦁ A Heavy 251cc+ (ECEA A Open)

⦁ A Senior 40+ Open

⦁ A Sup SR 50+ Open

⦁ B light 1cc-250cc (ECEA B 250)

⦁ B Heavy 251cc+ (ECEA B Open)

⦁ B Senior 40+ Open

⦁ B Sup SR 50+ Open

⦁ C light 1cc-250cc (ECEA C 250)

⦁ C Heavy 251cc+ (ECEA C Open)

⦁ C Senior 40+ Open

⦁ C Sup SR 50+ Open

⦁ Masters 60+ Open

⦁ Women Open

⦁ Schoolboy 12-16 Open