Quad/ATV Classes:

Youth/Mini Classes up to 90cc 2-stroke, 125cc 4-stroke:

Mini Quad A (advanced riders)

Mini Quad B (beginner riders)

AM/EX Classes

Quad Expert $

Quad Sportsman (Am and Ex)

Quad B (Am)

Quad Schoolboy


- All riders must have a working tether switch

- Flat track tires (Hoosier, American Racing, etc. No Knobbies!)

- Riders must be 16 or older to race a full-size ATV; 7-15 for Minis

- 8" or larger numbers on contrasting background located on the front and back of machine; if scorers are unable to easily identify a rider number, the rider will not be scored in the event

- A noise limit of 98db for all machines will be enforced